Adidas + Body Goals



IMG_1990I LOVE the bold print of this crop top and legging set by Adidas. The cut on the top and leggings made me feel at ease and able to workout without worrying too much about shifting. This time last year there is no way I would have even considered trying this on…

I went from an occasional cardio and yoga workout 1-2x per week (some weeks none at all) to investing in a personal trainer prior to my wedding this past July. It was a tough transition for two reasons. One, I didn’t have the endurance and strength I thought I had, and two, dropping a decent amount of cash upfront on something that was new to me was hard to justify. That said, I could not be happier with my decision.

I started to realize my lack of muscle and once I began to build that up, the amount of weight I planned on losing came off. I did not have a lot to lose, but rather needed to tone up.  In addition to weights and strength training, I learned core exercises that I am able to do while away from home.

I choose to keep up with 4-5 weekly one hour long workouts.  If that doesn’t happen I do my best to walk a little extra and focus on eating veggie and protein packed meals.



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