My name is Alexandra Rahmani and I am a Manhattan based wardrobe stylist. My objective is to provide my clients with an enjoyable and illustrated approach to dressing, while navigating the evolution of their personal style.

Working with a stylist may seem like a foreign concept but in reality, it is an excellent way to create a beautiful and fully functioning wardrobe that enhances your life.  Getting dressed should make you feel confident and will set the tone for a successful day. That is where I come in…

I work with clients on a personal level to gain a deep understanding of their lifestyle and what works best for their wardrobe. I do this by tailoring a plan which may be a one off shopping trip, a closet clean out, a style session or a combination of these. An initial 30 minute complimentary session is included to establish the intention we set out to achieve. 

For more than a decade I exercised my love of fashion while working in wholesale sales and merchandising roles for various luxury and contemporary designers. I pivoted my career path a few years back with the goal of combining two of my favorite things: working with people and styling. I sharpened my skills as a luxury stylist at one of Soho’s most iconic boutiques, in addition to styling throughout years prior. Experience aside, fashion is in my dna. I come from a garment/textile family who brought over their businesses as they emigrated from Russia to the US over a century ago. 

“The joy of dressing is an art.” —John Galliano