My name is Alex Rahmani and I am a Westport, CT based Personal Stylist. Styling encompasses more than putting together beautiful and cohesive looks. It also includes streamlining ones wardrobe through closet reorganization and personalized shopping. My objective is to provide clients with an enjoyable, illustrated approach to building and fine tuning their wardrobe while navigating the evolution of their personal style.

I work with clients to gain a deep understanding of what is best for their daily life. From working professionals to on-the-go moms, stylish creatives and hustling entrepreneurs, my extensive industry experience and love of fashion has rounded out my ability to enhance all types of wardrobes.

My resume is built of primarily sales and merchandising roles for luxury and contemporary designers. I pivoted my career path a few years back to styling, with the end goal of combining two of my favorite things: working with people and creating beautiful, seamless wardrobes. I sharpened my skills as a luxury stylist at one of Soho’s most iconic boutiques, in addition to styling throughout years prior. Experience aside, fashion is in my dna. I grew up in a garment industry family who’s work in the clothing business dates back to the nineteenth century.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can work together please get in touch via the contact page, or email me directly at alex@alexandrarahmani.com